This Coaching Program Helps You Live Your Best Life:

You deserve to wake up in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead. Helps you hit the refresh button by offering you a proven, results-driven 3 month program designed to measure progress and show tangible results.


"Renew You, Love Your Life!" is a comprehensive, balanced and carefully crafted coaching program that guides you through a 3 step process of self-discovering and growth over 90 days. In 3 months, you'll get to the heart of what's holding you back so you can reset your habits and refresh your life. Helps you leave the blahs behind and connect with your joyful, energised self!


Helps you embrace every day and live a life you love with this 3 month personal coaching program

  • Month 1: Discover What Makes Your Heart Sing - Connect with your joy and vitality
  • Month 2: Spring Clean Your Life - let go toxic relationships and energy zappers
  • Month 3: Design Powerful Goals and Craft Supportive Habits to set them up for success!

Coaching tools:

  • Brighten Up Your Life!
  • What Are Your GOALS For Coaching?
  • Take Stock and Take Action!
  • What Makes My Heart Sing?
  • Identify Your Energy Zappers
  • What Do You Need To Let Go Of?
  • Detox Your Toxic Relationships!
  • Daily Success Habits
  • Identify Your Spark Team
  • 3 Month Vision Worksheet
  • My Next 3 Month Goals
  • Wrap-up


Transformation is an inside job, and change is a process. This course will provide you proven, practical processes to successful create life change, but even more importantly it will provide a 7-step process to totally transforming your life, from the inside out.


In this course you will learn:

  • Identify the blocks that hold you back so you can become unstoppable
  • Overcome fear of change, rejection and failure so you can feel confident going for your dream
  • Develop self-mastery by reprogramming limiting beliefs
  • Develop a growth mindset so you know without a doubt that nothing can stand in your way again
  • Get absolutely clear about what you REALLY want and who you REALLY are so you can stop everyone else's dreams


Coaching tools:

  • Forms,
  • Templates,
  • Exercises,
  • Videos.