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Coaching 50% until December 24

  • Personal and Zoom Coaching
  • Free first Hour

With Online Coaching:

  • With free Pro Virtuagym Workout App (5000 Exercises)
  • With free Pro Virtuagym Food App
  • With free Relaxations and Meditations
  • Motivation, Trainingsplan(s), Foodplan(s), (Diets)

Now 50% = CHF 50 / hour

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Coaching: Mental Strength Training

  • Mindfulness (Meditation)
  • Relaxation (Meditation)
  • Visualisation- and Imagination (Meditations)
  • NLP

Bestselling Authors

5000+ titles, 27+ categories, 21 million users. Start Free Trial.

Health (Wellness) Coaching:

  • Movement (Fitness)
  • Relaxations and Meditations
  • Food and Nutrition
  • and much more

Coaching: MindBodyLifeDev.com LIFESTYLE

  • Daily Relaxation and (or) Meditation
  • Workout (Yoga, Pilates)
  • Plant-Based Diet
  • Purpose
  • Aiming Financial Independents
  • Adventures

Coaching: The Fountain of Youth

  1. Plant-Based Vegan Diet
  2. Daily 5 Tibetans (Movement)
  3. Relaxation Meditations
  4. Good Sleep
  5. Purpose

Coaching: Financial Independence

  • FIRE Movement: Financial Independence Retire Early
  • Retire Inspired (Chris Hogan). It's Not an Age, it's a Financial Number.
  • Material Minimalist Lifestyle

The Secret (Rhonda Byrne)

Learn NLP

Continuous Personal Improvement ...

Hypnosis Downloads

Switzerlands Food Pyramide

"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better". - Emile Coué, psychologist


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