This Life Coaching value pack will help you have more success - evaluate where you are, understand yourself  better - and get stuff done. Make positive changes faster with these action-oriented life coaching tools!

  • Create Awesome Daily Success Habits!
  • Find New Ways to get things DONE!
  • Eat Their Elephants!
  • Create a "Spark Team"
  • Take Stock of Where You Are
  • Brainstorm Action Ideas to Get Unstuck
  • Do more what you LOVE and less of what you loathe!
  • Learn to Plan a Successful Week, then reviewing what worked and what didn't!

Life Coaching tools:

  • Identify Your spark team
  • Love & loathe exercise
  • Weekly success planner
  • Daily success habits
  • Take stock and take action
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Unstick yourself now
  • Eat your elephant worksheet

Maslow's pyramid - needs for life stages